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Cutting a Toxic Friend.

Two weeks ago I cut one of the most toxic friendships I’ve ever had. Because of all the lies he told and the manipulation, my mental health was on the verge of collapse. His friendship turned out to be nothing more but a destruction to my mental health. And every time we talk about it, he comes up with new lies….. READ MORE

I’m Extremely Happy

For hours, I sat in a lonely, freezing office, waiting for my phone to ring, but it never did. Being alone in the grave is death, and being alone above is life. It’s a lonely life, filled by lonely people who are too arrogant to recognize their loneliness. ……… READ MORE

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Are We Really Alive?

In the metropolises where the cars were faster than the winds, I asked my friend “Are we really alive?”
He was so focused on steering the car and all I was wondering if we were meant to live in a place like this, where we have to breathe smoke and eat dirt every day. He gave me a brief glance before averting his gaze. He said, “Stop being crazy.” ….. READ MORE

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Al Hayat – Kadim Al Sahir

In a time when every artist is making fast/upbeat songs that don’t make sense, Kadim Al Sahir released “Al Hayat,” a 14-minute song that summarized what life is all about. “Al Hayat” is a song about life and love that tells a unique story. ….. READ MORE

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