I’m Extremely Happy

August 2, 2021
2 min read

For hours, I sat in a lonely, freezing office, waiting for my phone to ring, but it never did. Being alone in the grave is death, and being alone above is life. It’s a lonely life, filled by lonely people who are too arrogant to recognize their loneliness. Even when we are surrounded by our friends, we remain alone. And the winter only gets colder, and the summer only gets hotter, and we’re still full of crap and alone. We’re all looking for something that we can’t seem to find. We search for it in our friends, family, and lovers, but it’s nowhere to be found. Until we start looking for it in strangers we don’t know in the hopes of finding it one day, but we don’t. And we wind ourselves even more hurt and lonely than before. It’s a crazy game where everyone knows they’re losing yet act as though they’re winning. We live in a sick world with sick people, yet we have to pretend to be happy.
So, I’m still alone in my cold office, and my phone hasn’t rung in weeks. Please know that if you’re reading this, I’m not lonely at all; in fact, I’m extremely happy.

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