Look at me

Social media got to be the biggest fraud of the century. It’s full of pretentious people, pretending to be people they’re not, to impress people they don’t know.Pictures mean nothing anymore. We take pictures, not to capture memories, but to hide our flaws. And we try too hard to hide our flaws. Like I was trying with this picture.You can never tell, how many sleepless nights I had in 2020. Am I depressed? What about my anxiety? Is it under control?Is it?We lie on our social media to create some sense of perfection, something we can never be.I’m not lying here. This picture is a memory. It was taken on the day that I discovered that I’m more than what people think of me. I’m definitely more. And I won’t settle for less. I won’t.And I did hide some flaws in this picture. Just a little bit to fit in this fucked up society.

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