What I Miss The Most

All the people around the world are being quarantined at home right now, and I, myself, have been staying at home for two months right now.
If you know me well, you know that I am an extreme introvert who spend days and sometimes weeks at home. So this is not something new for me. I have already developed the skill of being alone a long time ago. And yes it is a skill. And yes not everyone can stay alone with their own thoughts for 24 hours. Because most of you are scared to be alone.

I have been reading and hearing different things that some of you have missed during this quarantine. Friends, going out, drinking coffee, partying, coffee shops, eating out, etc..
And for me, I don’t miss those things. Because I didn’t use to do those things before the quarantine. What I do now during quarantine is what I have been doing for the past 9 years of my life.

What I miss the most is my freedom. The ability to make the decision to stay at home, or leave. I miss my car and the late-night rides I used to do every weekend. I miss driving alone to my favorite ice-cream place in Kuwait City. I miss eating junk food in my car while watching everyone passes me by. I truly miss work and I miss being productive. I miss the sea and how it extends to infinity. I miss traveling alone and being a stranger in a strange city. I miss Dubai and the times I got lost in this beautiful city. I miss the fancy/expensive lonely hotel rooms I used to spend weeks trying to write all the wrong words in my books.

No, I don’t miss the things that everyone misses,
I left that for you.

Photo: Taken by me in Sri Lanka.

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