“Closure” a poem by Mohamed Ghazi

“You are too broken to be healed,
so I will just leave you
as you are
where you are
or else your sadness might consume me too.”
The same mouth that said to me
“I love you”
359 times,
said on one fine day
“I don’t love you anymore”

So inhumane.

My father once told me,
love would never turn to hate
but to indifference,
so, it’s either that you never loved me,
or you started to feel indifference towards me
and I don’t know which one is worse.
I have heard that you moved on
and I’m still where you left me.
I’m still waiting,
not for you, no, you are long gone.
I’m still waiting
for you to answer me
Was that all I deserved for closure?

I’m working really hard in these hard times to finish writing my new book.
This poem is from my book “Blue”
You can order it through Amazon or Jamlon
Stay safe everyone <3

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