It has been a year

It has been a year already. And I have some good news and some bad news too.
The good news is that you will heal. Beautifully, gracefully, and painfully. It will take time but you will shed that old rotten skin eventually. You will go through all those sleepless nights. You will fight all those suicidal thoughts. You will come over all your panic attacks. And you will heal.
The bad news is that you won’t heal fully, but only partially. Parts of you will be damaged and lost forever. You will be lesser than what you were before. You will be okay but you have to accept the fact that you lost those parts, like losing your sight or losing one of your limbs. You will never be whole again. And the hardest part is to live with that, knowing someone did this to you. And the person who did this to you is breathing and living on the same planet, most probably unharmed.


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