“Aeon Love” a Poem by Mohamed Ghazi

My death will be liberating.
I am the infamous writer of many sorrowful poems.
I am the unremembered.
Forever living on people’s shelves
inside my dusty books
sad words and ugly stories.

One day
I am going to find a cliff
and take a jump off.
And my death will be liberating.

“It has been nine years. Move on already.” my best friend said to me.
but he doesn’t know that I can’t.
It’s too late to move on now.
Death has summoned me, the day she left me.
“Come.” death said.
And I listened.
I was barely breathing anyway.

One day I will have to listen to death
and forever disappear
for she was my aeon love
and if I can’t have her in life
I will have to take her to the grave.

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