Let It Be – A poem by Mohamed Ghazi

To hell with you,
and all of them.
I have so much anger inside me.
I am a volcano.
I am a hurricane.
Nothing will ever hurt me inside this shell.
Nothing will creep in.
My head is so empty
and my heart is too.
I am out of poems and
my soul is out of you.
Nothing will ever hurt me inside this shell.
I am in the safe lane.
I have my shadows
and my dreams.
My dreams of you.
They keep me awake at night,
with pillows full of tears
and knees too weak to start the day.
I am forever underwater
but never drowning.
This is what you created
and this is what you made me do.
Many broken things surround me.
Bones, hearts, and souls.
This is what you have created.
You are the maker of this chaos.
How do you feel after what you did to me?
Godly, I bet.
To have this much power
to destroy someone’s life.
To rip them out of their hopes and dreams.
Godly, I bet.

Let it be, Ghazi.
Let it be.
We can only lose what we cling to.
So I will let it be.

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