My book “Blue” was banned in Kuwait!

The story:
I have been trying really hard the past few months to get my new book “Blue” out in the Kuwait market. I collected all the required papers and followed all the regulations as I did in my first and second books. And after weeks of working and days of going back and forth to many places, I received a letter that my book is officially banned to be sold in Kuwait.

The reasons were clear and they have been said verbally to me and I also received them on a written paper. However, they don’t make any sense.  One of the reasons, of course, the excessive use of the F-word. Go to any bookstore in Kuwait and you will see at least 50 books with the same excessive use this heinous word. Want more? I have used the F-word in my previous books and they have been approved. So, as I said, the reasons don’t make sense. (Side note, I bought a book once from a local bookstore titled “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover and it was the most sexual book I read. It doesn’t only use the F-word, it actually applies it).
Also, one more reason why they banned the book is page 56 (Please buy the book and read it).

So I was left with the only choice, of course, to edit what they wanted me to edit. And I’d rather get my book banned in one country than change the contents that I worked almost a year to create.
Am I sad? Of course not. I’m happy and 100% percent satisfied and convinced of the things I wrote in the book.
My book “Blue” has a better path. I will announce it soon. I have nothing against anyone who banned the book. They are doing their job, good or bad.

Can you still buy the book?
YES and YES.  If you are in Kuwait you can order from this page.

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