First, travel.

So I decided to delete everything on this blog and start new. 2018 was a life-changing year for me and I thought about rebranding the blog and get it back to work (As my whole self was rebranded this year) and I guess I finally did it.
Here I will share all my writings and I will also share my passion for photography and art. I have plans for this blog, indeed. One of these plans, of course, is to promote my books too.
Here is something I recently discovered and I think it’s worth sharing. Before you start working on any new project, before you start a new thing in your life, opening a new company, getting married, starting a new job, any of those. Before you commit to something that you are unsure about, first, you should travel. Even to a close destination. Just pack your things and go and collect your thoughts. Or recollect them.
This isn’t going to be a motivational blog, but believe me when I say this. Before you get yourself into any type of commitment. First, travel.


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